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16.01.2014: "Knocking Out Misleading Statements in the Rare Earth Space"

09.01.2013"Highest Uranium/Radon Values Ever Detected in the Athabasca Basin"

23.12.2013"The Knock-Out Criteria for Rare Earth Element Deposits: Cutting the Wheat from the Chaff"

16.12.2013"Miners Should Launch A Gold Cartel or Risk Losing Everything, Advises Stephan Bogner"

05.11.2013"No Dead-Cat-Bounce - A Dead-Serious Warning From Uranium"

04.11.2013"Athabasca Basin - The Place To Be For The Upcoming Uranium Boom"

22.10.2013"Revealing Interview with Gold Standard Ventures Chief Geologist David C. Mathewson"

10.10.2013"Metals, Mining & Munich" (Zurich Details) (Geneva Details)

24.09.2013"Re-Discovering Deposits on Copper Mountain"

09.08.2013"While Potash Market in Shock, Focus on Explorers with Brazilian Advantage"

15.07.2013"Why Stephan Bogner Believes You Should Be 100% Invested in Precious Metals"

16.05.2013"Chinchillas - A Deposit For The Times"

24.04.2013: "A New Silver Producer on the Rise"

21.02.2013: "There Exist Well-Performing Mining Stocks"

09.10.2012: "Nevada Gold-Rush 2012: Meadow Bay Gold - A Bonanza par Excellence"

23.08.2012: "Sunset Cove Mining Discovers 13 New Silver Veins"

: "High-grade - Higher-grade - Vendome-grade"

: "In the Heart of Two Giants - Why two major gold producers may bid for this gold explorer"

: "Follow the Money - Latin America is the Place to Be"

: "Canadian Akie District Able to Reduce Upcoming Zinc Shortage"

: "Playfair = Tungsten = Opportunity: Critical Exploration for A Critical Metal"  (by

01.05.2012: "Credence Copper Revival: Junior Teaches Old Arizona Mine New Tricks"  (by

24.04.2012: "Got Uranium? Looming Supply Crunch & Junior Activity Heat Up Athabasca"  (by

: "Nevsun at the Golden Apex"

: "Copper Projects Push Forward in Prolific Walker Lane Belt"  (by

30.03.2012: "Rare Element Resources - How Bears Lodge in the Bull"

: "Junior Delivers Promising Results Near Historic Sullivan Mine"  (by

: "Orsu Metals Knocks on China`s Door: Develops Copper-Gold Projects in Central Asia"  (by

: "Endeavour Mining Corp. on the Way Up with 3 Mines and 3 Triangles"

: "Sell- & Buy-Signals for Brazil Resources Inc."

08.03.2012: "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. valued at only $120 million"

07.03.2012: "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. - Recording of the Conference Calls of 22.02.12"

29.02.2012: "Welcome to the Copper Thrust"

28.02.2012: "Is 2012 the Next 1897? Juniors Prepare for Yukon Gold Rush"  (by

24.02.2012: "First the Jets, Now Mining: Manitoba on the Rebound"  (by

23.02.2012: "Company Growth Feeds Human Growth: Junior Secures Key Phosphate Deposit in Brazil"  (by

22.02.2012: "Major New Gold-Discovery on the Carlin Trend in Nevada"  (Gold Standard Ventures Corp.)

14.02.2012: "Coronet Metals Establishes Community Relations for Gold Mining in Peru"  (by

09.02.2012: "Anglo Canadian drills 0.5% copper next to the Superpit from Copper Mountain"

02.02.2012: "After the Merger: Endeavour Mining Meets 2011 Gold Production Targets"  (by


30.01.2012: "Porphyry Copper Deposits in the Course of Time - and with Anglo Canadian Mining Corp. in Line with the Current Trend "

12.10.2011: "Get some Potash SPIN-OUT stock for ´free´ "   (Confederations Minerals Ltd.)

04.10.2011: "Gold-Rush in Europe opens up horizons"   (Astur Gold Corp.)

30.09.2011: "Jayden just about to Double its Resource"

27.09.2011: "Spotlights on for the new LED Market Boom and Seesmart Holdings Inc."

16.09.2011: "Princeton - What an Opportunity"   (Anglo Canadian Mining Corp.)

16.09.2011: "Brazil Resources acquires the Maua-Gold-Project next to Kinross & Jaguar Mining"

: "Excelsior about to reach the 2nd and 3rd Milestone"

30.08.2011: "Bingo & Here We Flow - UEC receives Mine Permit for its Goliad Uranium Deposit in Texas"

17.08.2011: "Confederation Minerals Ltd. - Its about the Depths and not only the Lengths of the Intercepts"

10.08.2011: "Astral Mining Corp. Starts Drilling in 2 Weeks and Already Thrusts to the Upside"

10.08.2011: "Third Time is a Charm !?"

09.08.2011: "Astur Gold Corp. Under Observation"

09.08.2011: "Excelsior reaches 1st Milestone Successfully"

04.08.2011: "Technical Signals on Uranium Energy Corp."

04.08.2011: "Technical Update on Brazil Resources Inc."

02.08.2011: "Jayden on the Way towards Doubling its Resource"

28.07.2011: "The End of the Uranium Stock Consolidation Today !?"    (incl. Uranium Energy Corp.)

22.07.2011: "Astral Mining Corp. Ready for Take-Off"

22.07.2011: "Gold Standard Ready for New Upswing"

19.07.2011: "Excelsior Ready for a New Upward-Trend"

18.07.2011: "Confederation Minerals Starts Typical Explosive Thrust to the Upside"

15.07.2011: "Uranium Summer-Rally ? As if !"   (incl. Uranium Energy Corp.)

14.07.2011: "Jayden is Back on Track"

13.07.2011: "Brazil Resources with Price-Target $1.45 for the next days"

08.07.2011: "Acceleration on the Fast Lane with Excelsior Mining Corp."

20.06.2011: "Interview with Bob Felder from Jayden Resources Inc."

06.06.2011: "Gold Standard Ventures Corp.: On the Way Up to something Big"

21.04.2011: "Hard Creek Nickel: The Sleeping Giant has Awakened"

03.03.2011: "Interview with Senior Geologist Dave Mathewson" (VP Exploration of Gold Standard Ventures Corp.)

17.12.2010: "BP-Sell-Signal despite Oil-Buy-Signal"

10.12.2010: "Citigroup: Good-Bye or Good-Buy ?"

23.11.2010: "Suncor Energy: Sunrise or Sunset ?"